• 34.2

Volume 34.2 has arrived!

We did not plan a theme, dear readers of The Southeast Review. But a theme has emerged. If the poets and writers in this issue do not fear death, they are certainly obsessed with it. These pieces crank with obsessions: obsessions with ghosts and corpses, bones, guns, and with the dangerous memory of fathers long gone.
In Volume 34.2 of The Southeast Review…
Have you ever wondered how dangerous the human bite is? Or what it means to have a bomb in the chest? M.K. Foster has wondered. Danez Smith works to “name a god faster than blood,” Kara Kai Wang offers water to a ghost; Maria Adelmann counts down backwards. Brigitte Leschhorn shows you life under a tombstone, and Tom McGuire’s character writes a song for a dead man. 
Illustrator Jensine Eckwell and SER art assistant Dorothy Chan talk about spirit animals and the artistic influence of conspiracy theories. 
Book reviews for Stephen Dunn’s Keeper of LimitsThe Mrs. Cavendish Poems, Ross Gay’s Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, Carl Phillips Reconnaissance, and Dolores Dorantes and Rodrigo Flores Sánchez Intervenir/Intervene. 
The staff and contributors of Volume 34.2 of The Southeast Review are proud to bring you some of our darkest obsessions. Order now.

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October Writer’s Regimen Winner!img_0392

Mary Beth O’Connor is the winner of our 2016 October Writer’s Regimen Contest! In the last few years, her poems and prose pieces have been published in Minerva Rising, Passager, Sliver of Stone, The Penduline Press, River Lit, Literary Bohemian, and Painted Bride Quarterly.

Read her winning poem, “fruit of the womb,” here.

Podcast: D.A. Powellpowell_da3

Born in Albany, Georgia, D.A. Powell earned an MA at Sonoma State University and an MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His first three collections of poetry, Tea, (1998), Lunch (2000), and Cocktails (2004), are considered by some to be a trilogy on the AIDS epidemic.

Listen to D.A. Powell read at The Warehouse here.