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Congrats to the winners of our 2015 contests!

Announcing the arrival of our new issue, Vol. 33.1.

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The Southeast Review‘s 2015 contests closed in March, and judges Robert Olen Butler, David Kirby, and Bob Shacochis have selected winners and finalists for our World’s Best Short-Short Story, Gearhart Poetry, and Narrative Nonfiction contests, respectively.  Congratulations to those selected, and thanks to all who entered — we received a record number of entries this year.  Winning entries will be published in our special contest issue in 2016. For a list of winners and finalists, click here.

Writer’s Regimen

We run an all-new content Writer’s Regimen to coincide with the publication of each new print issue in the fall and the spring.  You could be thirty days away from a new body of work!  The next Writer’s Regimen begins October 1st.

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Craft Talk: Kerry James Evans

Kerry James Evans

Kerry James Evans

Poems aren’t magical things that plop from the air…Be aware of the imagery around you, but try to connect with the people you are with and what you are experiencing.

Chances are, you aren’t a genius. If you think you are, I can guarantee you that your friends don’t think so. If they do, dump them. Writers need friends who challenge them.

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