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SER has announced the winners and finalists for our 2014 contest season. Congratulations!  Prizewinning entries will appears in Volume 33.1 in spring 2015.

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We run an all-new content Writer’s Regimen for adults to coincide with the publication of each new issue of SER, in the fall and the spring.  The next edition will be out in OCTOBER.  Click here to sign up now.

SER Online, Review: Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours


Fourteen Stories, None Of Them Are Yours, a novel by Luke B. Goebel,

Fiction Collective 2

Reviewed by Gary Sheppard



In this too-brief debut novel-in-stories, “Fourteen Stories, None Of Them Are Yours,” Luke B. Goebel’s first-person narrator is raucously heartbreaking as he finds his way through his grief over the loss of his older brother Carl and the leaving of his great love Catherine into an equally uncertain place that is . . . (read more here).