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It’s contest season!

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The current issue of The Southeast Review and a select number of back issues are available for purchase through this site.


Our 2015 writing contests are now open!  Robert Olen Butler, David Kirby, and Bob Shacochis will judge our World’s Best Short-Short Story, Gearhart Poetry, and Narrative Nonfiction contests, respectively.  Submission guidelines are available here.  Winner in each category receives $500, and the work of all winners and finalists will be published in our special contest issue.

Writer’s Regimen

We run an all-new content Writer’s Regimen to coincide with the publication of each new issue of SER, in the fall and the spring. Our December regimen re-run is underway; next opportunity to subscribe is February (all-new content!).

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SER Online: Craft Talk with Erica Dawson


It’s the moment when you’re finishing up the first draft and you’re second-guessing every decision you’re made so far. Will readers understand or be confused? You have to close the door on all future discussions of your subject, but you know good and well that your voice isn’t commanding enough to do that. You need something…

Read the rest of Erica Dawson’s Craft Talk here.