The SER Writer's Regimen

We run an all-new content Adult Writer’s Regimen to coincide with the publication of each new issue of SER, in the fall and the spring. Your regimen was such a great experience. As challenging as it was, it helped me generate a tremendous amount of work and recharge my creativity. I really appreciate how your program supports the life of a writer.Lisa Abellera, co-winner of Spring 2011 Regimen Contest We replay each new adult regimen once, in the winter and summer. Normally, we run an all-new content Young Writer’s Regimen once per school year, in the spring, and re-run it in the fall, but the YW arm of the regimen program is currently under re-evaluation.


- A  RE-RUN of our Writer's Regimen starts on JUNE 1st! While you’re waiting for the re-run to start, please enjoy the winning story from October 2013, “Everyone Is,” by Michelle Morouse!

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30-Day Young Writer’s Regimen

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2013: Our Young Writer’s Regimen cycle is currently on hiatus. We are discussing ways to make the program more effective for young writers, their parents, and their teachers. If you have any suggestions as to how the YW Regimens could work better for you, please email them to Thank you for your patience as we re-evaluate this arm of our regimen program.

N.E. Bode (also known as Julianna Baggott, the bestselling author of four novels for adults, five novels for younger readers, and three collections of poetry) has teamed up with the editors of The Southeast Review at Florida State University’s Creative Writing Program Whether your student is a creative writer or not, this is a great way to motivate gifted and talented children to get excited about writing and literature as well as provide practice in free-writing, revision, peer-review, and structure.Prufrock Press, longtime supplier of learning resources to gifted, advanced, and special needs learnersto create this 30-Day Regimen for Young Writers. Our hope is that, over the course of the regimen, you will be able to conduct your own mini-writing camp. Your students can create a new body of work—one that includes full drafts as well as brilliant, glimmering pieces of work that they would not otherwise have written … from poems to stories to wild and wooly plotlines.

The wonderful thing about young writers is that their imaginations are still often buoyant and overflowing. This writing regimen will help your most effervescent young writers find some structure. And, let’s face it, some students are reluctant writers. This writing regimen will also kick-start the imagination, hopefully inspiring those who need it most.

Each weekday morning for six weeks (30 days), you will receive a colorful, jam-packed email that will include the following:

  • a Writing Exercise to jumpstart the imagination
  • a Quote from a Famous Author to read aloud to your class for a discussion
  • a Riff Word to prompt a free-write
  • Mimicry Reading-Writing Exercises—We will supply a passage from a children’s novel to be read aloud, and then we will explain different ways children can use their listening skills and hone their ears to mimic the style that’s just been presented to them.
  • Beyond the Page—These exercises are designed to take your students into other projects that go beyond what they’ve written, everything from research to art projects and beyond.
  • Once a week you will receive a Craft Talk written solely for this project from bestselling, award-winning authors of picture books, middle-grade, YA, and adult novels. These writers will be talking about what they were like as young writers, their craft, their reading lives, and so on.
  • There will also be a weekly missive from N.E. Bode—a funny message from one writer’s desk to another writer’s desk.

The cost is only $10 for the entire 30-day package. (Title I schools, please contact us for scholarship and fee-waiver information.)

By the end of these thirty days, we hope that your students will have written enough brilliant passages to keep their imaginations brewing and their pens moving for a very long time.

Email us for more information. 

The Southeast Review’s 30-Day Writer’s Regimen (for adults)

UPDATE March 2014: A RE-RUN will launch on JUNE 1st! Continue scrolling to purchase!

The Southeast Review Writing Regimen is for poets, essayists, and fiction “Perhaps the best $15 I’ve spent!”—Nick Wineriter, Summer 2011 participant writers who want to produce a body of work by introducing structure to their writing life, and, at the same time, finding new and innovative ways to approach their craft.

Sign up for The Southeast Review Writing Regimen and you will get the following:

  • daily writing prompts, applicable for any genre, emailed directly to you for 30 DAYS! Use these to write a poem a day for 30 days, to create 30 short-short stories, or to give flesh to stories, personal essays, novels, and memoirs
  • a daily reading-writing exercise, where we inspire you with a short passage from the books we’re reading and get you started writing something of your own
  • I gleaned mind-blowing inspiration from these exercises, coming up with voices and situations I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of. —Magdalen Powers
  • A Riff Word of the Day, a Podcast of the Day from an editor, writer, or poet, and a Quote of the Day from a famous writer on writing
  • Flashback Bonus Craft Talks, where, as a little something extra, we repeat an earlier regimen’s craft talks from more writing heavyweights
  • weekly messages from established poets and writers—including tips and warnings on both the craft and the business of writing
  • a FREE copy of a current or classic back issue of The Southeast Review, featuring interviews, poetry, nonfiction, and fiction that will knock your socks off!
  • a chance to have your work published on our site.
  • access to our online literary companion——for interviews with up-and-coming and established poets, fiction writers, and memoirists, podcasts of readings from the Warehouse Reading Series, including such writers as Ann Patchett, Jennifer Knox, Matthew Zapruder, Barry Hannah, . . . as well as essays on the reading life of writers, book picks, web picks, and much more . . .

All of this for just $15.00. That’s a mere 50 cents per day! Join us for a month and walk away with a new body of work!

Checks should be made payable to The Southeast Review and sent (please include your email address!) to:

Writer’s Regimen
The Southeast Review
Department of English
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306

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