SER Online, March 2013

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This photograph shows a family of Gypsies in the “ghost city” of Metaxourgeion, an area very near to Athens center that through the years has become a place for immigrants, prostitutes, and drug addicts. People struggle everyday to live with the difficulties that such an area presents. This piece was part of a simultaneous, collaborative production of an interactive documentary that consisted of all types of creative expression – photography, writing, audio, video, social media, and was the first collaboration between the New School.Athens, the International Center of Photography in New York, and the Creative Process of Florianopolis, Brazil.

About the artist: Stelios Choustoulakis currently lives in Athens, and will turn thirty this March. In February of 2013 he completed the course in Photography at the NewSchool.Athens. The Greek financial crisis has found him making a living as a dishwasher.


Inside this issue:
We are pleased to announce that a RE-RUN of our latest Writer’s Regimen for Adults will launch on June 1st. Learn more and sign up here!

NOTA BENE: We are thrilled to see SER contributor Adrienne Celt featured in The Rumpus! Check out her comics there, and then order up a copy of Issue 30.2 where the excellent story, “Classroom,” served as her print debut!

Verse Daily recently featured Rebecca Hazelton’s poem from SER Issue 30.2, “Love Poem for What Is.” Check it out here!

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One of the features in our subscription-only writer’s regimen for adults is a weekly craft talk by a working author. Here we have a sneak peek from the most recent regimen (to re-run in June) of a craft talk by the noted writer Eric Sasson, author of Margins of Tolerance.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Writer’s Regimen, check out this page, or read this testimonial by the Portland-based writer Liz Prato. Our next re-run will be available for purchase in May 2013.

And finally, in more regimen-related news, we’ve selected a winner from our Spring 2013 regimen contest! Many congratulations are in order for Tomi L. Wiley, and her story, “Winter Break.”