After lengthy deliberation, our editorial team has decided to make the switch to Submittable. As many of you surely have experienced, Submittable is convenient, efficient, and intuitive, which makes submitting work easy. But Submittable’s service is, unfortunately, not free. A small fee of $3 will help us cover the costs of the service and, more importantly, to seed a contributor’s fund which will allow us, for the first time, to pay our wonderful contributors. So continue to send us your work here. We look forward to reading it!

The Southeast Review accepts regular submissions for publication consideration year-round. Any breaks, hiatuses, or interruptions to our reading period will be announced here, and are more likely to occur during the summer months. SER does not, under any circumstances, accept work via email. Please note that regular (non-contest) submissions sent through regular postal mail will not be read or returned.

During contest season, entries to our World’s Best Short Short Story, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction competitions may be sent through regular postal mail, though an online option will also be made available.

General Guidelines

In each biannual issue, SER publishes the finest poetry, literary fiction, creative nonfiction, book reviews, interviews, and art. We aim to present emerging writers on the same stage as established authors—we seek quality work for our quality publication. The best way to determine what we’re looking for is to read what we’ve been publishing. Click here to order a single issue, or better yet become a subscriber and join our reading family. General submission guidelines follow. Please see below for genre specific directives.

  • SER is currently accepting fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and book review submissions. We try to respond to submissions within 2-4 months, but due to our production schedule a response may take up to 6 months. If you have not heard back regarding your submission after six months, you may query the appropriate section editor.
  • SER accepts simultaneous submissions, but we request that you withdraw the submission if your piece is accepted elsewhere. In the case of poetry, only withdraw your entire submission if all your submitted poems are no longer available. To withdraw a single poem, email the poetry editor at with the title you would like to remove from consideration.
  • All submissions must be typed (poetry single-spaced and prose doubled-spaced) and properly formatted then uploaded to Submittable in a compatible format.
  • Please wait until you receive a reply regarding a submission before you upload the next.
  • SER does not publish work that has been previously published elsewhere. We acquire First North American serial rights, and payment is two contributor’s copies plus an equitable share of our contributor’s fund (beginning with issue 35.2).
  • Please see our Contests page for information about our World’s Best Short Short Story, Poetry, and Narrative Nonfiction Contests.

Genre Guidelines


Please submit no more than 5 single-spaced poems at a time (with a maximum of 15 pages total per submission). Save all poems in one document before submitting. If any poem (one or multiple) included as part of your submission file is selected for publication elsewhere, please email the poetry editor at to withdraw the individual poem from your submission. The rest of your submission will be considered in the order it was received.


Please submit one double-spaced story of up to 7500 words. We rarely publish short shorts not submitted through our World’s Best Short Short Story Contest; however, should you choose to submit flash fiction, please send no more than 5 short shorts per submission. SER does not publish novellas, and will only consider novel excerpts if they also work as stand-alone stories.


Please submit one creative nonfiction piece of up to 7500 words. We are open to a variety of forms of nonfiction—including memoir, travel writing, and the personal essay. SER does not, however, publish academic prose or research writing.


Please submit current (book publication should occur in current calendar year) single-book reviews of 800-1,200 words. SER publishes reviews of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, and prefers to review books by emerging writers and smaller presses. Reviews submitted will be considered for both our online companion review section and our print publication. We encourage publicists to send us catalogues and review copies of forthcoming titles. Please email the review editor concerning further book review submission instructions or other inquiries, and feel free to submit reviews at any point during the year.


If you are interested in submitting an interview for either our online companion or print editions, please query the editor at


SER is always looking for innovative, original black and white images for our covers, especially work that represent the southeastern region of the United States. We will also consider submissions of art in any medium to feature within each print issue and in our online companion. Right now, we are especially interested in comics and sequential art. Please query the art editor at before sending us a sample of your work.

Send correspondence concerning submissions to the appropriate genre editor. All other questions or comments should be addressed to the editor, Alex Quinlan.